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Inclusion And Diversity In Publishing

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Inclusion And Diversity In Publishing


Special Journals Publisher launched 42 Journals on July 1, 2020 with the mandate to provide a research-based database to support the United Nations and others in establishing sustainable development in the world with the ultimate goal of helping make the world a better place to be both for us today and for our sons and daughters tomorrow.

We are very careful in aligning ourselves with every facet of sustainable development which we think necessitates a policy declaration on the concepts of inclusion and diversity in publishing. Our declarations confirm our commitment to inclusion and diversity in publishing  

Collective and compliant system

Special journals publisher will work with others to allow for self-reporting of diversity data by members of our stakeholders and research community. Our ultimate goal will be working towards a collective and compliant system founded on Inclusion and diversity concept that also allows for sharing and analyses of anonymized diversity data to know where the action is needed.

Establish appropriate and inclusive representation

Special journals publisher will use anonymized data to uncover subject-specific diversity baselines, and set minimum targets to achieve appropriate and inclusive representation of our authors, reviewers and editorial decision-makers based on Inclusion and diversity concept

Transparency in sharing of our diver and inclusive policies

Special journals publisher will share and develop new and innovative resources to improve representation and how inclusive diverse groups should be. We will show transparency in the sharing of our diverse and inclusive policies, measurements, language, and standards, to move inclusion and diversity in publishing forward together.

Stakeholder’s engagement

Special journals publisher will scrutinize our own publishing processes and take action to achieve a minimum standard for inclusion in publishing. We will engage all relevant stakeholders to improve outcomes on inclusion and diversity, at all stages of the publishing process in line with Inclusion and diversity concept and policy

Making the case for women inclusion

Special journals publisher will be working to be ahead of the general global trend for female manuscript authorship and scientific research publication, with more of our papers to be accepted for publication expected to be from women. Women are generally well represented on our Editorial Boards. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in publishing. We want to increase diversity and inclusion with regard to gender and geographical representation.

Inclusive editors, authors and reviewers

Special journals publisher is proposing to design a strong Diversity Program with the aim of cultivating an inclusive, sustainable, diverse and vibrant research community. This is what we think will drive sustainability and help us achieve our long time agenda of being the 1st and the best in the world of publishing for sustainable development.  While there are successes, Special Journals publisher acknowledges there are still several areas to be addressed such as

  • Encourage equal acceptance of all papers with female and male corresponding authors
  • Increased acceptance of good high quality papers from resource poor developing country settings like African  compared to old big names in advanced countries
  • Equal male and female reviewers are invited more frequently for reviews
  • Neutralize the current over-representation of invited reviewers from the advanced countries  with skilled reviewers from Africa and other areas of the world having similar competence
  • Diversify our editorial board compared to the big Older names that tend to have less diverse Editorial Boards

Capacity building for editorial board

Special journals publisher want to create a more diverse and inclusive research community by building more diverse Editorial Boards, training staff and Editorial Board Members on implicit bias, and inviting more women to review.

Change agent

Special journals publisher look forward to being change agents for better diversity and inclusion within peer review and the broader research community and encourage other researchers, societies and businesses engaged with peer review to join us in our mission to create positive change.

Peer review diversity

As the pool of researchers becomes more diverse there is a pressing need for a more varied pool of peers to review their work. Special journals publisher want to show how increasing diversity in editors and editorial boards could help drive diversity in peer review?  

Dedicated Board of internal editorial community of practice

Special Journals Publisher is racing to build the most notable influence on diversity within our journals when our internal staff members serve as editors. Credibility, confidence and competitive advantage will then be the result of establishing this kind of inclusive editorial community of practice based on skills, experience and knowledge and focus to our common goal

Astute and ingenious External Editorial board offers competitive advantage  

The diverse Editorial Boards of Special Journals Publisher brings dedication expertise and unalloyed commitment.  The composition of our editorial board reflects the diversity that enables editors with diverse backgrounds to look at papers to bring out the best in the paper.     


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