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Advantages Of Choosing To Publish With Special Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Special Journal

Advantages Of Choosing To Publish With Special Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Special Journals Publisher (SJP) is the 1st and the best publisher of the high-quality database for sustainable development. Chose to publish with any of the 42 Special Journals, and you will help respond to the unmet need of providing the first and the best scientific research-based database for sustainable development. The forty-two (42) Special Journals were launched with the mandate to collect, organize, review, and publish high-quality novel research-based data for sustainable development.

Special Journals Publisher (SJP) Is On Top Of The Publishing Crowd

Special Journals Publisher (SJP) was launched to be on top of the publishing crowd because it is a one-stop center of excellence for sustainable development. There are definitely an unprecedented volume of information found in the databases of the old names in the publishing world and the world has benefited from them by reasons of advances and development taking placings in many facets of the global economy, social lives and the environment we live in. Your papers with the impact our database dedicated to advancing stakeholders capacity to make informed decision vis-à-vis sustainable development  

Finite Global Natural Resources

The natural resources are being discovered in almost all corners of the earth. Climate change is fast getting out of our rich, human made and natural environmental degradation may soon harm our environment making life more unbearable for us. Complexity of our dynamic world and diversity of interests warrants the urgent need for a one stop center of excellence for high-quality database for sustainable development. Therefore sending your papers for publication in our database will enhance the capacity of the stakeholders to effectively manage the finite global resource to be enough for us today and for our children tomorrow       

Our Mission And Vision

We live in a finite world and the truth is that the world has limited resources and there is a limit to activities it can support per unit time. It is our responsibility in every aspect of life and profession to preserve the world for our ultimate good today and for our children tomorrow.

We launched the 42 sustainable development journals to collect, organize, review and publish a research-based database that will economically, socially, and environmentally present information to the stakeholders in a way that will help us utilize the finite resources of the world today and our children can still do same tomorrow.  Publish your papers with us to impact our stakeholders streaming from all works of life around the world

The Challenges Of Choosing Where To Publish

We know that choosing where to publish your work is an important decision just as important as doing the research itself. Our world-class database is actually the 1st and the best database that is entirely dedicated to sustainable development by harnessing high-quality research-based information from all disciplines to benefit our corporate existence in the entire universe today and for our children tomorrow.

The longevity and advancement of the old big names have impacted knowledge, interests, and development while leaving the questions of sustainability of development to public debate. Choosing to publish with us will be a novel and one important decision to many

Increase Stakeholder’s Index Of Suspicion

Stakeholders are left to wonder how to sieve through multiplicity of databases to make informed decisions with policy implications. Therefore to publish your work in the Special Journals database is to make useful information available in the 1st and the best group of journals mandated to collate, scrutinize, peer review, and publish all research based sustainable development information in one stop center of excellence freely available and accessible for public gaze    

Wider Circulations

You will join the team of global experts in laying the foundationfor future database that will form the gold standard for all sustainable development research agenda. It is fast becoming clear that the novelty, quality, relevance and value of all research information will be measured by its impact in sustainability development for us today and our children tomorrow.

So joining to lay the foundation of this new paradigm shift to sustainable development by publishing your research articles in the Special Journals database will engrave your names in the Guinness book of records for us today and for our children tomorrow.

Our Commitment And Your Satisfaction

The database of Special Journals contribute to a globally reliable source of information in economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable developmental processes providing global developmental knowledge, founded on the highest research and ethical principles. The erudite dedicated editorial team of Special Journals Publisher (SJP) is committed to publishing only the best economic, social, and environmental databases that adhere to the highest economic, social, and environmental research and ethical principles.

Special Journals Publisher -SJP

SJP offers the greatest opportunity to improve the lives of the ordinary people because SJP was launched to provide the data that will help stakeholders to inform important decisions for us today and for our children tomorrow. Achieving this goal is our priority and maintaining the highest standards across our journals is a responsibility our editorial teams and peer-reviewers take very seriously.  

Database For Improvement Of Lives

Many publishers are premised on the belief that the best art and science is a good start, and that the end goal must always be the improvement of lives, but our philosophy is and remain that development is useless without sustainability. This is because we know that sustainability should drive development, development should drive all researches in all disciplines, and research should drive social, economic and environmental aspects of human lives.

This should ultimately make the world a better place for us today and for our children tomorrow.  Our global community of authors are essential to delivering transformative global research and are concerned with the right to economic, social and environmental safety and benefits for us today and for our children tomorrow

Our Philosophy

Special Journals Publisher (SJP) combine academic excellence with spirit of sole responsibility and developmental issues in collecting and reviewing of manuscript. It has the best international teams of authors to illuminate  some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our 42 Journals is first divided into three (economic, social and environmental) aspects with mandates to illuminate social, economic and environmental challenges for stakeholders.  Again we divided our Special Journals into seventeen (17), with mandate to illuminate the 17 sustainable development goals.  That defines our uniqueness and confirms why your decision to publish with us is justified.

Our Network And Support

With our head office in Uganda and coordinating offices in Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Iran, Kenya Jamaica, and volunteers streaming from around the world,   we are sure to provide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week support to partners

From acceptance of your paper through to publication and beyond, our internal teams of Editors, Marketing and Communications experts are ready and calibrated to provide personal attention and guidance to strengthen the precision, availability, appropriateness, and impact of your research.

We can also provide expedited scheduled publication to coincide with a conference or current event to ensure that your research reaches the people that matter most.

Reliable Information Hub

Our goal is to ensure that within the first year of launching the journals, about one million people worldwide should read our journals, and we expect to have more than 1.000 people who signed up to receive our alerts as well as 100 Journalists who like to hear from us every year. Research’s published in Special journals are expected to be regularly covered in high profile news outlets and our official Social media outlets.

Our Authors Are Key Note Speakers Major World Events

We are positioning our authors to be invited to speak at key international events, including but not limited to the World Health Assembly, the United Nations General Assembly, national summits, and major clinical and global health conferences. We hope to use our international platform to set agendas, create context, inform debate, and drive advocacy―always with the end goal of protecting and promoting health, economic  and social lifestyles

Global Outreach To Targeted Stakeholders

We will publish your article on our database for use by our expected one million readers globally in the first year of launching our Journals.  We will also add it to the indexing databases and repositories where Special journals are indexed.

Diverse Publication Platforms

We have special services that allows authors to publish their information, in the form of innovative software, Brief methodologies, Monographs of articles and pre-print citable books, Audio-Slides, and 3-Dimensional Molecular Models.

Multiplied Online Present

You can also promote your work with a link which we give you to enable you prove a point and convince donors to support your proposals. The link will remain active for a mutually agreed period of times. We promote selected research articles to the global scientific media and our marketing teams highlight articles online and our social media channels reach a multitude of people globally per unit time per unit place.

 Good Feedback On All Publications

Special Journals also gives you real-time feedback on the performance of your publications with emphasis on downloads, reads, citations, and you can track and analyze the online activity around your article with Altmetrics tools


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