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COVID – 19 Call For Papers Or Data For Expedited 7-Days Publication

COVID-19 Papers Submission Is Here…!

We invite you to submit here...all your COVID 19 data or papers for expedited publication in a special edition that will consider data or papers with topics from any of the 42 special journals for sustainable development.

Urgency And Nature Of This COVID 19 Call

To meet up with the global need for fast publication of all data or papers related to COVID-19. All papers will be published on a rolling base or on a case by case bases starting from July 7, 2020, to December 31st, 2020. We will continue accepting processing and publishing the COVID 19 Special edition until the end of this year 2020.  The good news is the all such submissions will receive expedited processing and review so that within 7 days from the date the papers or data were received at the editorial office.

Dedicated COVID 19 Review Team

This is possible because we have received the consent of many professional partners and friends who will be ready to review COVID 19 papers when invited. The Scientific and Technical Advisory Council of our 42 special journals for sustainable development have approved that all COVID 19 data or papers submitted for publication in any one of our 42 special journals for sustainable development will be processed and published 100% free with absolutely no cost on the side of the authors.

Quality Of Accepted Manuscripts

Special Journal publishers SJP will accept, process and publish all COVID 19 data or papers that deal with qualitative or quantitative researches or multi-professional approaches that may be used to understand the magnanimity and impact of COVID 19 pandemic currently ravaging the world. The multi-professional aspect of COVID -19 pandemic impact may include but not limited to the following:

  • Biomedical
  • Clinical
  • Public Health
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Engineering
  • Technical/Technological
  • Climate Change
  • Management
  • Political
  • Legal
  • Demographic

COVID -19 Data

We invite researchers and all stakeholders to submit their COVID-19 data for publication so that based on separate terms and conditions between authors and our dedicated manuscript development team, data can be upgraded to research papers before its processed sent for peer review, copy-edited, accepted and published within the shortest possible time depending on the strength of the teamwork between authors and manuscript development section

COVID -19 Manuscript

We invite all researchers and stakeholders to submit their COVID–19 previously unpublished papers for consideration, processing peer review copy-editing, acceptance and publication.

Manuscript Sections For The COVID-19 Papers

Manuscript format: Manuscripts for full-length COVID -19 papers should contain the following sections

  1. Covering letter
  2. Title page
  3. Abstract
  4. Text organization
  5. List of abbreviations  
  6. Conflict of interest  
  7. Acknowledgments  
  8. References
  9. Appendixes
  10. Figures/illustrations  
  11. Chemical structures  
  12. Tables and captions  
  13. Supportive/supplementary material  

A Short Checklist For COVID-19 Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts submitted for peer review and publications by the special journal publishers must meet the following minimum conditions.

  1. Manuscripts must provide answers to unanswered COVID-19 research questions in the selected topic of interest in any of our 42 journals.
  2. Manuscripts must outline the innovations or new knowledge not already known or known elsewhere but not in the context of the COVID-19 paper being presented for publication from another locality 
  3. More specifically, manuscripts must highlight the clear contribution of the study to sustainable development goals using and citing any of the 17 sustainable development goals
  4. Outlines the role of each variable in defining the outcome of the COVID -19 study being presented for consideration and publication  
  5. Elucidates the logic behind the outcome of the COVID-19 study being presented in a concise, clear and systematic simple steps with adequate information to enable other experts in the disciplines to repeat the study in a different location with minimum confusion or question
  6. Illuminates the clear impacts of modern technology on the detailed outcome of the COVID -19 study including but not limited to data generation, synthesis, analysis, and interpretation, and many more depending on the discipline and methods of the COVID-19 study.
  7. Explains diagnostic approaches that lead to better or advanced COVID -19 research problem detection from among the knowledge gaps from where the objectives were designed
  8. Limitation of the COVID -19 study must be mentioned to form part of the basis for recommendations

Publication Philosophies

Therefore Special Journal Publishers believes and upholds the following philosophies in its business activities

  1. Maintain high moral values for big profit and sustainable success
  2. Corporate decisions emphatically based more on objective and less on subjective views
  3. The business should change with the changing forces at work in its environment.
  4. Performance should drive motivation and vice versa
  5. Levity should be replaced with  a sense of competitive urgency in all business activities   
  6. Let us know what you think?

Submit Here All Your COVID 19 Papers Or Data For Publication In 7 Days


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