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Call For Manuscripts: Special Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Invitation To Submit Manuscripts Here…

You are invited to submit your papers here ....for publication in the maiden editions of the 42 special journals below launched July 1, 2020. Early bird submission is from July 6, 2020, to August 31st, 2020 and this attracts a 90% discount off the normal Handling fee for our journals.

Short Check-List For Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts submitted for peer review and publications by the special journal publishers must meet the following minimum conditions.

  1. Manuscripts must provide answers to unanswered research questions in the selected topic of interest in any of our 42 journals below.
  2. What are the innovations or new knowledge not already known or known elsewhere but not in the context of the paper being presented for publication from another locality 
  3. More specifically, manuscripts must highlight the clear contribution of the study to sustainable development goals using and citing the 17 sustainable development goals
  4. Outlines the role of each variable in defining the outcome of the study being presented for consideration and publication  
  5. Elucidates the logic behind the outcome of the study being presented in a concise, clear and systematic simple steps with adequate information to enable other experts in the disciplines to repeat the study in a different location with minimum confusion or question
  6. Illuminates the clear impacts of modern technology on the detailed outcome of the study including but not limited to data generation, synthesis, analysis, and interpretation, and many more depending on the discipline and methods of the study.
  7. Explains diagnostic approaches that lead to better or advanced research problem detection from among the knowledge gaps from where the objectives were designed
  8. Limitation of the study must be mentioned to form part of the basis for recommendations

Manuscript Sub-Sections

Manuscripts for full-length papers should contain the following

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Text organization
  4. List of abbreviations  
  5. Conflict of interest  
  6. Acknowledgments  
  7. References
  8. Appendixes
  9. Cover letter
  10. Figures/illustrations  
  11. Chemical structures  
  12. Tables and captions  
  13. Supportive/supplementary material  

Quality Of Accepted Manuscripts

Special Journal publishers will publish manuscripts that are about multi-professional principles with emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to identified research challenges so that the stakeholders can be educated about innovations for suitable development. The manuscripts accepted for publication should be about increasing the visibility, accessibility, distribution, availability, acceptability, and usage of all original high-quality manuscripts for sustainable development

New Publication Systems

A robust system to accept the 22nd-century researches are long overdue. It is also possible to develop and operate a system that will accommodate more researches from underdeveloped and developing research setting and make the data available to the international research stage through series of capacity building in responsible conduct and writing of researches with the ultimate goal of ensuring to the best of our ability verifiable data are available all professionals to help those in need when, where and how needed.

Development Initiatives

Development is the dream and wish of everybody anywhere and anytime and many organizations have provided many platforms and supports for development but few if any, have dedicated more attention like special journal publishers. Special Journals Publishers was launched with the mandate of supporting the various development stakeholders with peer-reviewed research database to encourage implementation and interventions at various locales in the world

Publish Or Perish

The “publish or perish” dictum in all Universities, research institutions, and allied organizations which supposed to drive the enthusiasm for research has done well but inadvertently became a barrier to career development to many young aspiring researchers all over the world. We want to reduce or eliminate the number of the perishing by striving to replace publish or perish” with “publish or publish”.

Publication Philosophies

Special Journal Publishers is based on the following philosophies that serve as a framework defining what we do and how we do what we do the way we do it. Therefore Special Journal Publishers believes and upholds the following philosophies in its business activities

  1. Maintain high moral values for a big profit and sustainable success
  2. Corporate decisions emphatically based more on objective and less on subjective views
  3. The business should change with the changing forces at work in its environment.
  4. Performance should drive motivation and vice versa
  5. Levity should be replaced with  a sense of competitive urgency in all business activities   
  6. Let us know what you think?

List Of Special Journals For Sustainable Development

  1. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal
  2. Special Viral Pathogens Journal
  3. Special Fungal Pathogens Journal
  4. Special Parasites Pathogens Journal
  5. Special Pathogens Review Journal
  6. Special Journal of food and Nutrition
  7. Special Journal of Biochemistry
  8. Special Journal of Physiology
  9. Special Journal of Pharmacology
  10. Special Journal of Anatomy
  11. Special Journal of Public Health
  12. Special Journal of Disease Markers
  13. Special Journal of Pathology
  14. Special Journal of Medicine
  15. Special Journal of Surgery
  16. Special Journal of Pediatrics
  17. Special Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  18. Special Journal of Herbal Research
  19. Special Journal of Immunology
  20. Special Journal of Non-infectious Diseases
  21. Special Journal of Education
  22. Special Journal of Engineering
  23. Special Journal of Management
  24. Special Journal of Economics
  25. Special Journal of Ethics
  26. Special Journal of Nursing Science
  27. Special Journal of Ecology
  28. Special Journal of Climate Change
  29. Special Journal of Computer Science
  30. Special Journal of Laws
  31. Special Journal of Sexuality
  32. Special Journal of Bioinformatics
  33. Special Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
  34. Special Journal of Open Research
  35. Special Journal of Physics
  36. Special Journal of Chemistry
  37. Special Journal of Sociology
  38. Special Journal of Geology
  39. Special Journal of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  40. Special Journal of Political Sciences
  41. Special Journal of Banking and Finance
  42. Special Journal of Cancer


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