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Excellence beyond expectations

Center Of Excellence For Sustainable Development Information


We are glad to inform you and announce to you that the Special Journals Publisher (SJP), a relatively new information hub for sustainable development, will be launching its 42-member Journals by July 1st, 2020.

To launch each Journal we, therefore, need 10 original manuscripts in each of the 42 member journals in the form of:

  1. Full-length research paper,
  2. Short communication,
  3. Review articles,
  4. Meta-analysis,
  5. Systematics reviews,
  6. Research synthesis,
  7. Case reports,
  8. Letters to the editors,
  9. Thesis,
  10. Dissertations,
  11. Conference papers,
  12. workshop/Seminars/training manuals/guides,
  13. Research protocols  
  14. Many more

Accepted Manuscripts

Accepted original manuscripts listed above will attract 75% off/reduction in the normal handling charges for our Special Journals manuscripts. You may wish to know that our own unique publication initiation is different from others because we are not just here to make written manuscripts available, or quality research-based journals accessible to whoever cares. We are not just another publisher in business for profit from the highest bidder.  

Joining The Development League

Special Journals Publisher (SJP) is joining the development league as a partner in progress to provide academic and research leadership in making sustainable development really sustainable. This is through providing a center of excellence in research-based information in 42 different subject areas carefully selected and designed to help resolve 17 questions raised by the sustainable development goals. Special Journals publisher will increase the visibility, accessibility, distribution, availability, acceptability, and usage of all original high-quality manuscripts submitted to any of its 42 Special Journals for sustainable development.

Development And Information

Development and information are two inseparable variables that depend on each other to thrive. Power, affluence, advancement, and better society depend on the quality of information available to the stakeholders per unit point in time. As the world drifts towards professionalism, professionalism drifts towards quality information, and information drifts towards research, the need for detailed research-based information as drivers of professionalism cannot be overemphasized.

Development And Strategic National Agenda

Development drives the strategic national agenda and interest of all countries. Power, strength, and fame of all countries are defined by the magnitude of development in economic, social, and environmental aspects of the national economy. Therefore all government business activities guided by policies are tailored towards measurable indices that will define criteria for monitoring and evaluation to ensure quality and accountability. To achieve this, all publication centers seek to provide research-based data on routine bases to support the implementation of effective policies. Unfortunately, the difference between the extents of development is defined by the sustainability of those development agendas.

Need Assessment For New Special Journals For Sustainable Development

While there may be too many high-quality data already published and there is equally invaluable volumes of data in the press yet to be published, the data already generated in various sectors of the global economy that are at various stages of development heading towards various editorial offices are unfathomable. The truth about development is that it should take place at deferent levels and no one should stop developing. The emphasis of Special Journals is placed on the need to help less represented to attain a minimum development threshold.

Your Consent

Upon your approval, to be listed as Special Journals editorial board member we will quickly put your name in the editorial board as Chief Editor, Section edition, Guest editor, Special Issue/volume editor, General Editor, and/or many more.

This request has become necessary in view of the notable impact you have made in academics, research, and the sustainability of global development efforts in your field of endeavors. Your invitation is based on an independent online assessment made based on the quality and impact of your contribution to your profession. While this is not another type of assessment, this invitation is based on your strategic leadership in the area of the research endeavor.

We, therefore, know that there will be no meaningful sustainable development in without prominent erudite scholars like you and we will have a formidable team with your esteemed partnership and friendship.    

This is therefore to request for your permission and consent to be mentioned as Partner, Friend, and member Editorial Board of any of the 42 journals published by this initiative. The Journals are not for the profit and so they are registered by guarantee not having a share capital.

Kind regards


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